How we got here

IT all started in
the snack aisle

On Our Left

Boring snacks that were healthy and natural.

On Our right

Snacks that sounded fun. But were filled with a bunch of crap.

So we went straight

and forged our own path.

Directly to the ice cream section,* which is why we were at the store in the first place.

Sorry…where were we? Right, snacks.

We thought that snacks should be



Using ingredients like
whole grains and real vegetables.

Real cheese.

Real herbs.

Real spices.

They should be authentic, honest and
unbelievably good.**

So we created Buck Wild to

snack the path less ordinary.

And we’re just getting started.***


About the buck

We've already said too much.

Mission Buck Wild

Mission #1 is to do good for your taste buds. Numero dos is to do good for our communities. Sound good?

News & Press

From releases to inquiries—if it’s related to the press, it’s here.